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JWEI Group has wide products range from simple disposable vapes to a bit advanced pod vapes. We have two major manufacturing bases: Joyetech Shenzhen Electronics Co. Ltd (STMA License Number: 6144030107) and Shenzhen JWEI Electronics Co. Ltd (STMA License Number: 6144030109).

Both of the two factories already got the tobacco production license by STMA and holds an official export license.

We have a professional engineering team for automatic machines development and manufacturing.

JWEI Group provides low-cost and highest-quality products to our OEM and ODM customers worldwide, from designing to mass production with professional one-stop service.

Professional Manufacturing Bases

We have two major manufacturing bases in China: Joyetech (Shenzhen) Electronics Co. Ltd and Shenzhen JWEI Electronics Co. Ltd.

Joyetech (Shenzhen) Electronics Co. Ltd
License Number: 6144030107
Shenzhen JWEI Electronics Co. Ltd
License Number: 6144030109

Automatic Production Line

We have a fully automated production line, covering an area of 5,000㎡.
The total monthly production capacity is more than 10 million pcs.
The company has achieved the “super high yield” and “fully automatic” production of e-cigarette cartridges.

5,000+ m2
Fully automated workshop
10,000,000 pcs/month
Production capacity/production line

Super High Yield, Fully Automatic

Heater Assembling
Quality monitoring
Device Assembling
Inner packaging
Outer packaging

ODM/OEM One-stop Service

Manufacturing Execution System

Powered by MES system, ERP system, and PLM/CRM/ Customs system, our team of sales, R&D, manufacturing, and the supply chain, logistics and customs clearance are efficiently collaborated. We offer one-stop service including customer customization, rapid response efficient collaboration, and rapid delivery of high-quality products. The products are fully traceable, and the production process is transparent, digital and flexible.

Traceability System

Traceability drills to validate the effective of fast response of traceability system and find continuous improvement opportunities.

Scientific QMS

Scientific management and lean production are the core concepts of JWEI manufacturing. Equipped with high-end production facilities in the industry, supported by 8S management mode and GPM standard production environment, JWEI has been qualified with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, SA8000, HACCP certifications, providing strong guarantee for efficient production and strict quality control.

GMP management system
ISO9001 quality management system
ISO13485 system
EHS system
(ISO14001, OHSAS18001)
ERP Control-U8/SAP
GMP management system
ISO9001 quality management system
ISO13485 system
EHS system(ISO14001, OHSAS18001)
ERP Control-U8/SAP
CE in Europe
TUV in Germany
Safe Foodstuffs Production Certificate in China