Larger Heating Area

Using the metal plate instead of normal wrapped wire, the NotchCoilTM provides abundant heating surface area (increases 50% heating area than regular coil) — much more than a typical spaced coil, which seems to work best in rebuild-able tanks.


More Effective,
Longer Battery Life

Having a typical coil structure, the heating result is highly efficient. Thus the battery life will sustain longer than normal.

Dry-brunt Protection

The NotchCoilTM enables to heat evenly with its larger heating area, which greatly avoid the dry-burnt in using by an Avatar circut design.


Pure Material,
Environmentally Healthy

The NotchCoilTM is made out of milled and cut steel medical grade SS316L stainless, allowing temp control or straight wattage power.


Flexible for Your Needs

Having a small size, it’s more flexible to customize for nice industrial designs.